Ending Your Marriage Amicably

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Ending Your Marriage Amicably

Nothing is more terrifying than ending your marriage. After years of building a life together, it can be difficult to move forward separately. When I decided that things weren't going to work out with my first husband, it took a lot of courage to meet with a divorce lawyer and take care of things. However, working with the lawyer was one of the best decisions that I made. In addition to diffusing the situation, my lawyer helped me to ask for the right things and get what I deserved. My blog is dedicated to helping other people to end their own marriages amicably.

Pros And Cons Of Getting A Restraining Order During A Divorce

One of the many types of paperwork that may be applicable to you during a divorce is a restraining order. While this order is commonly associated with people who have stalkers, it can also have a place when you're getting divorced. It's a good idea to discuss the idea of a restraining order with your divorce lawyer if you think that one is appropriate, as well as be cognizant of the many pros and cons of this order at this time in your life. Read More 

Three Things That Determine Whether You Can Change A Child’s Last Name

As a mother, you may wish to change your child's last name (assuming they have their father's last name) under some circumstances. For example, you may petition for the name change after divorcing the child's father or after getting married to a different person. However, the court will not just take your word for it and agree to the name change; it will evaluate the petition before issuing a decision. Here are some of the things the court will consider in its decision: Read More 

Planning Your Estate? How To Tell If Your Kids Are Going To Fight Over Your Assets

In the perfect world, there would be no fighting over your estate once you're gone. Your adult children would accept your wishes, and carry them out without any complications or fighting. Unfortunately, death can bring out the worst in people, especially when it comes to dividing up an estate. If you're concerned that your passing will turn into a major fight among your children, you need to make sure your estate is on solid ground. Read More 

I Do To I Don’t: 3 Of The Most Common Reasons For Divorce

When you say "I Do" to the person you love, you'd never imagine that somewhere down the road you might end up filing for divorce. But after all the rice and rose petals are swept off the wedding aisle, the real work of marriage begins. And making a relationship like marriage successful is work. Often that journey is difficult and fraught with hardship, resulting frequently in divorce. In fact, in the United States, about 3. Read More 

Why You Should Think Twice Before Aiming For Sole Custody

Sole custody is not all its cranked up to be; in fact, it has some serious drawbacks. Here are a few reasons that make pursuing sole custody a bad idea: It Is Bad For the Kids One of the reasons sole custody is not such a novel idea is that it robs the children of the opportunity to spend time with one of their parents. This is bad because your children need both of their parents in their lives. Read More