Ending Your Marriage Amicably

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Ending Your Marriage Amicably

Nothing is more terrifying than ending your marriage. After years of building a life together, it can be difficult to move forward separately. When I decided that things weren't going to work out with my first husband, it took a lot of courage to meet with a divorce lawyer and take care of things. However, working with the lawyer was one of the best decisions that I made. In addition to diffusing the situation, my lawyer helped me to ask for the right things and get what I deserved. My blog is dedicated to helping other people to end their own marriages amicably.

How An Attorney Can Help You Prepare For A Child Support Hearing

Child support cases can be very contentious. The non-custodial parent might not believe that they should be forced to pay the debts that they owe. If your case ends up in court, your child support lawyer will be able to prepare you and will also represent you in court.

Hiring an Attorney

Attorneys are not required when participating in a court hearing, but you are also free to bring one if you wish. Besides speaking with your legal counsel, you should also speak with the child support office prior to participating in the hearing so you can voice your concerns. 

Meeting with Your Attorney

Both you and your child support attorney will want to discuss the main points you will be making and a statement you will intend to make. It's normal to feel nervous. You might want to practice reciting the points you will make so you feel more prepared when it's time to participate in the hearing. Fortunately, your attorney will be there to make arguments for you.

Presenting Your Case

If your ex is arguing that they should have their child support obligations reduced and you don't agree, you'll need to gather evidence to present to prove that your partner should continue to pay their child support obligations. 

Because a child support lawyer is familiar with the law, they will be aware of all the special pleadings that you will be able to make in court. They will also know how to verbalize your case in such a way that makes it more likely that the judge will rule in your favor.

Participating in the Hearing

Oftentimes, you will not have to face your ex in court. Even if you are in the same room, you will not have to sit at the same table. Even if the courts make an effort to keep you and your partner separate, you might still see each other for brief periods of time.

Complying with the Court Order

When the judge issues a ruling, you will then need to prepare an order with the help of the attorney that includes the necessary legal jargon and that complies with the court ruling.

You will not have to bring your children to the court hearing and it will likely be very stressful for them. Therefore, it makes sense to instead make arrangements so that you can focus entirely on the hearing and fight for the best interest of your child.