Ending Your Marriage Amicably

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Ending Your Marriage Amicably

Nothing is more terrifying than ending your marriage. After years of building a life together, it can be difficult to move forward separately. When I decided that things weren't going to work out with my first husband, it took a lot of courage to meet with a divorce lawyer and take care of things. However, working with the lawyer was one of the best decisions that I made. In addition to diffusing the situation, my lawyer helped me to ask for the right things and get what I deserved. My blog is dedicated to helping other people to end their own marriages amicably.

6 Common Mistakes To Avoid In A Divorce

Divorces are difficult for everyone involved. If you are in the middle of a divorce, you might feel angry, sad, betrayed, and a wide range of other emotions. Unfortunately, experiencing all of these different emotions can cloud your judgment and cause you to act irrationally. Let's take a closer look at six common divorce mistakes you need to avoid making. Talking Poorly About Your Spouse in Front of Your Children Read More 

Tips For Speeding Up Your Divorce

When you are looking to finalize a divorce quickly, the typical advice will be to come to an agreement with your spouse on things, which will simplify the process so that all you need a judge for is the final approval on the agreement.  Sometimes that is not fast enough for some couples, which is where these tips come into play. Get Divorced in Another State There can be many legal requirements regarding how soon you can get divorced, with states having their own laws regarding a minimum amount of time and mandatory separation period. Read More